Yeet and Delete

Hello fellow Capsuleers!

It’s been a few years since I really made a decent Eve-related post. I haven’t ever actually stopped playing, but logging on once or twice a week to scan a few sigs and log off wasn’t enough to maintain my membership in Signal Cartel. I was warned, but didn’t have the time or energy to really get my activity levels up, so I was removed. There are absolutely no hard feelings for that. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent there and will happily rejoin if my current activities fall through or get too terribly boring. At least now I’ll be able to join the famous Vulfpeck fleets. 🙂

If (relatively) PVP-free scanning, exploration and friendly company are what you crave in Eve, I would never hesitate to recommend Signal Cartel as a good place to go.

As it happens, being removed was the catalyst that sparked me to seek membership with another group, with a very different purpose. Free from the shackles of the Signal Cartel Credo, I decided It was about time I flexed my atrophied PVP muscles!

By some weird chain of events I can’t adequately detail, I’ve ended up in a corp called Spectrum Reborn. On day two of my membership, something really weird happened… I was out scanning (old habits right?) and I got a fleet invitation! Turns out one of the leaders of the group had stumbled upon a reinforced Fortizar and had JUST enough time to throw out a war declaration so we could make the destruction timer and they were forming up to kill it. I rushed my way toward the staging system and jumped into the ship they provided. A Catalyst. Not your normal bashing ship as I hear it, but nonetheless, the preparation that these guys have done to make this fleet work is incredible! The idea is to have HUNDREDS (or… thousands?) of Catalysts are staged, and a cloud of them descend upon their target, being replaced as fast as they can be killed. There aren’t many things that can stand up to a large number of destroyers.

Not long after arriving, the order came to undock our Catalysts. We all warped together, landing on the Fortizar where began our bashing. The station was undefended, that doesn’t mean the fight was uneventful. There was a vulture in a Noctis and it’s eyes in a shuttle circling our prey, intending to steal the phat loot out from under us. We couldn’t well tolerate a thief in our midst, so we did what any good Catalyst pilot would do. We ganked them, all the while spamming “YEET AND DELETE” (and variations of that, over 18000 times.) into Local. I think at some point someone started spamming recruitment ads, but they were no match for the sheer power of our YEET AND DELETE battlecries. Once we ganked the shuttle, the noctis stayed off grid until the structure died. After the explosion he was too late to the party. He got NOTHING. I applaud the effort he made, but he has yet to learn the art of skulduggery. Early in the siege we encountered a roaming squad of NPC Triglavians. We played a warp-out/warp-in game until someone in a bigger ship arrived to blap them. Around 5%, we encountered MORE Triglavians and instead of doing the warpout/warpin game we’d been doing before, we simply warped off grid as a group, let the trigs kill the Noctis’ eyes (again. He kept coming back) and then warped back once the trigs left.

We definitely weren’t the first to take down a hisec fortizar, but I think we were the first to do it with nothing but T1 destroyers!

Keep an eye out for further posts, as there will be further shenanigans to come!

As always, Fly Clever!

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