The Nemesis Uncloaks

My ship explodes. It seems I have some rust to shake off. I was in the middle of a data site, aligned as I should have been and spamming Dscan… The thing was, I wasn’t fast enough on the warp and the Nemesis scrammed me. He held me long enough for an Astero to arrive on the field and then they popped me… but I got out with my clone! About a 7 million ISK loss if you count the Blueprint, but I went on to gain 10 million later on.

That said, one loss for the night. Tomorrow I go to Null and try again!

To my assailants Wayst Space and Dacantra, Good fight! I’m happy I could color your killboards with a little more green, but don’t expect me to make a habit out of it! 🙂

Good night and Fly Clever!

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