Signal Acquired: Beginning Transmission

I have rejoined the beloved Signal Cartel and am somewhat ready to begin hacking my way to victory.

I do have a couple gripes though… The Alpha system is awesome. I love the fact that I can play for free. The fact that my scanning skills are limited to levels 2 and 3 is a minor inconvenience, but it’s far better to be able to play when I’m poor. The MAIN gripe I have with the alpha system, is that I no longer have the axe of a limited play period hanging over my head.

Why is this a gripe? Well, honestly in the big picture it’s NOT… but the time limit was a major source of motivation for my attempt to PLEX in Trial. So I suppose I’ll have to impose my own time limit on my quest. I’ll put this out in bold for all to see.

If I do not manage to PLEX my account within 30 days (The length of my trial) from November 25th 2016 I will be donating half of my earnings at that point to the Signal Cartel corporation, (Or, at their request Eve-Scout Corporation) to do with as they see fit.

At current, my wallet contains: 329,632,734 ISK.
Current PLEX Price: ~1.1 billion ISK.

Time to Scan

The Master Blaster Out!

Published by: themasterblastr

An Eve Capsuleer on a Trial with a mission: PLEX the account before the trial runs out. PLEXing is the act of paying for your game time with In-game currency.

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One thought on “Signal Acquired: Beginning Transmission”

  1. You’re the best 🙂 Just saw your donation…I don’t notice them easily unless they go to the Corp account Donations. We’ll put it to good use! HUGS (and glad you’re back, btw).


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