ReQuest: Alpha to Omega.

Hello folks,

It’s been almost a year since the completion of my epic quest to PLEX my account within the trial period. While I was successful, I wasn’t able to continue playing due to elements of reality interfering with my virtual abilities. While I haven’t been sick, I have been unemployed, moved twice, and a few other things. I still have one or two moves before I can really settle in.


Now that Eve: Ascension has gone live, I find myself able to play again and a new (but similar) challenge has made itself available. Alpha to Omega. I’ve done it once, let’s do it again!

I’ve found that I’ve been removed from Signal Cartel, something I expected to happen having been offline so long. I’ve resubmitted my application and hope perhaps I hadn’t burned my bridges there by disappearing. I look forward to flying under the Signaleer banner again.

If for some reason I am refused, perhaps I will start a similar corporation specifically geared toward helping alphas learn to explore their way to Omega status.


Fly Smart, Fly Safe, I will be seeing you, but you may not be seeing me šŸ˜‰




Published by: The Master Blaster

After managing to PLEX his account during the old 30 day Trial, The Master Blaster now spends his days getting involved with various shenanigans within video games, primarily Eve Online. PLEXing is the act of paying for your game time with In-game currency.

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