Quest Complete: A Wild Ride

I’ve done it. I’m vibrating. I’m excited. I’ve speared the white whale, I’ve  caught the snitch, I’ve defeated the evil dragon, I’ve saved Albion, I’ve… Well, You get the idea. I’ve been close for a couple days, but hadn’t been able to make that final push….

But today… today I managed it. I started out looking for a place to explore.. I got chased by a Stiletto at a wormhole entrance to Venal from Thera… I tried to go to Cache, but found two Brutix’s guarding the wormhole and decided I didn’t want to find out what was on the other side. I finally decided that Lowsec was where I needed to go. So I tried three different exits, all dangerous.. when finally I found an empty lowsec with only a couple sigs, one of the two being Thera’s entrance. The second sig I found out was a wormhole that went to Venal: the place I wanted to go in the first place! I took it, and it landed me in a system with 7 or 8 sigs. Most were End-of-life wormholes, which I didn’t dare get lost in.

The one good wormhole lead to a shattered wormhole with no less than 28 sigs. A good number of them turned out to be other wormholes and gas sites, but I did track down 4 pirate relic sites and one pirate data site.. I did the relic sites and came away with 127 million ISK worth of gear.. I decided now was a good time to leave, skipped the data site and headed for the Hisec exit I had found.. This is where I’m glad I learned to use Dotlan. The route through hisec was dangerous… So I went back through Venal, the losec, and Thera to a system nearby to Jita. I sold all my stuff, headed to Hek, where the lowest price PLEX was to be found (~1.13 billion) and BAM. I’m no longer a trial account.

I think the station in Hek where I purchased my PLEX will become my ship museum, where I will enshrine the ships that I have attained my goals in.

Now that I’ve done it.. the question in my mind is “What next?”… Well I have enjoyed my time in Eve immensely thus far, and having a blog to update is actually pretty rewarding. I could take inspiration from Katia Sae and find some monumental project of awesomeness to undertake in regards to exploration.. but I’m not sure what I would do.

That said, I am CERTAINLY up to suggestions in this endeavor. Until I find something I will continue the Tools of the Trade series of posts and begin gathering ISK not for game time, but for game PLAY.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEX EARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Days Remaining on Trial: 2
Wallet Balance: 30,170,249
Notable Purchases: Cloaking skillbook

Fly Safe,
Fly Clever,

The Master Blaster

PLEX Purchase

I should probably update my bio! I’m a big boy now!

Now I need a new ship….

Published by: The Master Blaster

After managing to PLEX his account during the old 30 day Trial, The Master Blaster now spends his days getting involved with various shenanigans within video games, primarily Eve Online. PLEXing is the act of paying for your game time with In-game currency.


14 thoughts on “Quest Complete: A Wild Ride”

  1. Plexing in the old days when plex was under 1 bil using ninja salvaging? Doable.
    Plexing in the present with Plex over 1 bil? Priceless.

    Holly fucking sh*t! May Op be an example for new players out there. I honestly didn’t think this was possible anymore.
    I wonder is this is doable in other npc null areas like venal or is it just in stain and blood raider territory due to the plates….. I have a feeling that if ccp ever nerfs or removes sansha incursions, plex prices will drop considerably over time. That will open the door to more plex seeking new players (the ones the vets hate so much lol).


    1. It’s definitely possible! I actually only ever had one can with the sansha plates in them. I spent a majority of my time in Venal doing Guristas sites. I also ventured into wormholes that looked promising, and that’s where I found the one Sansha site w/ the plates. I tried Stain, but was almost instantly blown up, after which I avoided the area.


  2. You’ve got it right! Setting yourself a purpose and achieving it is the key to enjoying New Eden fully, and you can remain independent while doing so, if it is your thing. This is a great achievement you did on a trial account. My own previous objective, now fulfilled, was to build a Carrier (the first carrier I ever flew) in a C3 with a static Null Sec. I am now working on my next objective. This is how it goes… Been playing for close to 6 years now, and there are so many more things to do.

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  3. Congratulations!
    As a new player PLEX’ing is almost an insurmountable task. Some feel that earning enough to PLEX is Winning Eve Online.
    Now to find a new goal. Have fun and make sure it does not become a second job.
    Also get out to player meets if you can.

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    1. Thank you!

      Hah! I actually changed my characters bio to read “Having PLEXed my account during my trial period only having lost two ships, I feel as though I have conquered this game.”

      I haven’t seen any player meets in my area. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist, or if they DON’T exist… I could potentially organize one.


  4. Congratulations, Signaleer!

    You plexed your account in one month in a T1 ship without cloaking. That, friend, is quite an accomplishment in my book.

    I salute you! o7

    Anchovy Aideron


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