The Doldrums

First, I’m a little behind on my posts. I know this. Life (outside the pod) has been pretty busy. I’ve gotten a few hours of playtime in that have been a mix of eventful and not-so-eventful. So here’s an update from the last few days of gameplay!

On a few occasions (quite a few actually) I’ve used Thera as a sort of transit station. I realize that it’s a wagonwheel with spokes that constantly change to different areas of space. From Thera, you can get directly to Hisec, Losec, Nullsec, or other wormholes. It’s an explorers dream! While it doesn’t necessarily connect to where you might want to go, lots of times it puts you quite a bit closer to where you want to be than traveling point to point through normal space.

By using Thera to travel, I’ve gotten to explore in all kinds of different areas. Generally they’ve been mostly empty. One day I thought it would be a good idea to go play in Stain… one of my corp-mates responded with “And he was never heard from again”… Apparently Stain is rough. I found that out firsthand. I also got to learn what a Sabre was, and how it operates.

This story probably goes like a lot of stories involving a sabre in nullsec. From what I’ve read, these ships are VERY good at this sort of thing. I had been scanning, exploring, and having a good time solo in mostly empty space. I jumped back through a gate, saw the sabre, watched a bubble appear and kept my cool. I held my cloak, looked at the description for the ship, thought “Well. crap. I’m probably dead” and picked what I thought was the best route to escape. I realized something…

I was near the edge of the bubble!! So I aligned to the planet closest to the edge of the bubble, hit my micro-warp drive and burned as fast as my little ship could go to get out. My ship crossed the threshold of the bubble and I clicked the warp button thinking I was home free… But as I clicked the button I watched yet another bubble appear… “Crap…”  Sure enough,  my ship dissolved around me, and faster than I could blink, my pod was gone too.

So to the pilot of this expertly flown Sabre, Josephine Felix, I salute you for a well executed kill, and thank you for a lesson well learned… Next time I burn back to the gate. I must say, so far getting blown up is more exciting than upsetting. Especially when you have an awesome Corp/Alliance that will replace your T1 scanning ship for nothing. (Thanks to Johnny Splunk for trading me one, as Trial accounts can’t use contracts!)

That said… on to info about my goal: ISK.
The day before I got blown up, I moved some of my loot and sold it. I also gained some by exploring with Vandal Warscythe. Since that day, I have made zero ISK. Nothing. Which is why this post is named the way it is. I have hit the doldrums, and I need to find more sites to explore!

Total ISK in wallet: 432,874,000
Total ISK to go:        767,126,000

I’m a little over a third there. Right on track. 🙂

Published by: The Master Blaster

After managing to PLEX his account during the old 30 day Trial, The Master Blaster now spends his days getting involved with various shenanigans within video games, primarily Eve Online. PLEXing is the act of paying for your game time with In-game currency.

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One thought on “The Doldrums”

  1. Hey there, enjoying the blog 🙂

    As a part time explorer myself, I’ve found using an interceptor to explore Null is good fun – immunity to bubbles and near instant align times mean camps are just another bit of scenery :P. The downside is no hacking bonus so it relies on good skills.

    Anywhos, just a thought for a medium term skill goal to consider 🙂 Fly safe o7


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