Safety is an Illusion

This will be a short post, as it’s late and I’m exhausted!

I safely moved all my loot from the system I was exploring in to Jita and sold it, netting myself a good 150 million.

But… as the title says, Safety is an illusion. A lie we tell ourselves in game to make our time a little less stressful…

I’ve found that out firsthand today. I found a wormhole, scanned down all the sites, and had enough of an eye on Dscan that I thought I was safe.. So I warmed up the data analyzer, got in range to orbit the can, and started hacking away, all the while spamming the dscan button.

On the second can I find a little surprise pop up on my overview. A Nemesis, which I learned the hard way was a stealth bomber. He locked me, disrupted my warp core, and popped my little Imicus like a ketchup packet. I had tried to get out, but my ship wouldn’t respond… I may have panicked and hit the wrong buttons.

Here’s the killmail:
A hearty o7 to you batuta. I hope the loot you got from me covered your ammunition costs! 🙂

Even though I felt sour, I put “o7” in local chat, saluting the player that destroyed my ship, and flew back to Jita in my escape pod. (SO glad I saved the exit this time.) I thought about fitting another imicus to be a little harder for him to crack… maybe I could fight back, but feeling sour and pretty sure I couldn’t win that battle regardless of my fit, I logged off for a few hours and played Quake. (The Original!)

I logged on again later, determined to make some ISK. With no good ways to get into Null, I decided to try wormholes again, even though I got burned once. Rolling around in Losec, I finally stumble across a c2 with a lot of sigs in it. I dscanned the whole system… nothing but dead towers. Two Abandoned Losec connections, and one C2 connection I didn’t dare enter…

On the FIRST relic site I net 100 million ISK worth of loot. I’m ecstatic. Bursting at the seams, I decide that this is too much loot to haul around to the rest of the sites, and I pop into Hisec through a Losec->Hisec wormhole that I found and drop it in a station. I headed back to the wh, cleared the rest of the sites for another good 50 million.

It was nerve wracking moving 150mil in my little Imicus again, but I got it back to Jita unscathed and sold it…

Current Wallet Status:
360 million ISK (Liquid)

Well on my way to a plex with 25 days to go!

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