Life, The Universe, and Everything

First, a Disclaimer:

“This post will not contain The Ultimate Question, but will contain the Ultimate Answer. Hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings need not read further unless they’re interested in playing Eve.”

Now on to the more (or less) interesting stuff. In a comment on my last post, The CEO of Signal Cartel (and one of my new friends.) mentioned that she would be interested to know what I did before starting Eve to learn about the game. She also said she would be pointing other “newbros” to my blog to help answer the not-quite-as-ultimate-as-THE-ultimate question of “What do I do? Where do I go?” that every new player eventually asks themselves or others.

I’ll start with what I learned about Eve before I played. Grab a chair and pour a drink, this might get rather long.

I think my first contact with Eve Online was in late 2008/Early 2009. I was visiting with a friend of the girlfriend I had at the time, and he was playing the game. It looked interesting so I asked him about it. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time, so I only got a small glimpse of it, but the guy’s excitement for the game was apparent. I remember the skill queue training in real time, even while logged off, being the biggest thing I liked. At the time I was playing World of Warcraft pretty heavily, and I didn’t want to pay for Eve and WoW, so Eve was filed away in my mind under “Things to try later.” and wouldn’t get that chance until many years later.

After the aforementioned many years later had passed, after moving too a different state and back, I got a job that was really heavy on the Nerd culture. (REALLY heavy. It was an awesome place to work.) Many of my new coworkers were WoW players, and I was still heavily playing it as well… But speaking with some of my fellow employees at the time I re-discovered Eve. A few of them tried to get me to play, and snorted somewhat derisively when I mentioned I couldn’t because I was a core raider in my Wow Guild. I told them I would take a look, but I wasn’t making any promises.

True to my word, I did take a look at Eve. I did quite a bit of research. I watched some videos, the most common of these were by MarkeeDragon. I read articles about the various massive battles where people lost thousands of dollars worth of ships. The game looked AMAZING… Rich lore, large playerbase, ONE server cluster that everyone plays on together, I was excited… but not ready to start yet because WoW, and I wasn’t a fan of PVP.

Later, I’d burned out on Wow and lots of other life things had happened… Once things stabilized I decided to take another look at Eve. Watched more videos, updated myself on the current happenings of the perpetual wars, and found LOTS of guides and how-to’s, which I can put together a post on later if there’s call for it.

After what seems like forever looking back I started a trial, and it’s been a heck of a ride so far. As for the  question…


A:–Anything, Anywhere–

The “Career” agents serve as a sort of tutorial. They give you ships. They give you an idea of what you can do. There are Military, Industry, Business, Exploration, and Advanced Military Career Agents. Each one gives you different rewards and teaches you different things, and you can do them all for each race. I’ll admit I didn’t do ALL of them. I did business, then exploration and decided that’s what I wanted to do. Something about scanning down and finding things lost deep in space called to me.

There are MANY (Probably over 42!) things you can do. I don’t think this is a complete list, but here goes:

Exploration: Scan for lost things in space. Your scanner is your friend!

Missions work a lot like the Career agents from what I’ve experienced. They give you a scenario similar to a quest from Wow. Go here, Collect this, kill that, return to me for your reward.

PvP… while not my personal favorite, it’s unavoidable. You take your ship and blow up other peoples ships. I’m told the space-police will get you if you do this in “High Security” Space. I’m also told that this doesn’t stop people from blowing you up.

Mining is something you can do as well. Go out in your newly acquired mining frigate called a Venture (supplied by career missions) and go punch holes in some rocks with your lasers.

Industry: Build things! Some career missions give you blueprints. The business one gave me an ammo blueprint. This goes relatively well with Mining if you want to harvest your own materials.

Transportation: Move things. Everything needs to be moved around at some point. People pay to have this happen.

Trade: This I know almost nothing about. I imagine it’s buy low, sell high. Might be a bit much for newbies to handle, as it takes money to make money.

Scouting: This is a good deal of what Signal Cartel and Eve-Scout do. There is a giant wormhole system called Thera. Eve-Scout and Signal Cartel keep these entrances documented for players that want to find their way in. I’m told Thera is the only wormhole system with stations!

I’m sure there are others.. but I have yet to discover or experience them. Thus far the very BEST thing I’ve done, and you should do too, is find a corporation to play with. Signal Cartel has been a great help answering my questions and providing the information I need to stay alive… but honestly research is good to do as well. Get a feel for how things work before you go into dangerous areas. I practiced scanning with the career agents, and once I felt I was confident enough to do it, I applied and ran out into Null Security space and have been exploring almost nonstop.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. If you don’t know what to do… Try something. Move on if you don’t like it, or train for it if you do.

If you’ve made it this far: Well done. My fingers are tired, and no doubt your eyes are too. Now go forth and explore!

Published by: The Master Blaster

After managing to PLEX his account during the old 30 day Trial, The Master Blaster now spends his days getting involved with various shenanigans within video games, primarily Eve Online. PLEXing is the act of paying for your game time with In-game currency.


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