The Quest for Plex Begins

So… I started a Trial account in Eve online. 30 days of impending hell is how a friend of mine described it, so I figured everyone needs a little hell in their life.

I logged in, created my character, did some tutorials to the point where I figure I have a decent handle on the game (no doubt I will learn I’m completely wrong.) and could venture forth to see what awaits me in the dead of space… Though from what I’m seeing from various articles it will invariably end with me, dead in space.

So, the idea behind this is to make enough ISK to PLEX my account in the first 30 days, and after that, to PLEX it every month afterward. I don’t want a single penny of my RL wallet to go into this game… and I will not be soliciting donations from any players.

I decided that Exploration, scanning down various things in space with my ships sensors and items called Scan probes, was the way to go. Apparently there is a lot of ISK (InterStellar Kredits) to be had doing this, and it’s relatively easy for a newbro (as I’m called) to get into.

I joined a group called Signal Cartel, and thus far I feel like it’s full of really cool people. It amazes me that the CEO of a 700+ member Corporation (Think the Guildmaster of a Guild) is so accessible and talkative. Mynxee, if you’re reading this: Thank you. I appreciate it. Same goes to all the members I’ve spoken with so far.

Now, I had planned on doing this with strict self sufficiency… but I realize how impossible that is with such a cool group of people… I mentioned that if I got so poor I couldn’t buy a ship that I could get in my Venture mining frigate and mine things… and bewm 3.5 million isk showed up in my wallet… and I couldn’t give it back because trial account. And another 3.5 mil showed up from a different character after I complained about the free money (what was I thinking?!) and the reason for this said: “Deal with it.”… Okay. Well. I’ll deal with it you magnificent bastard… lol!

I’ve fit up three Imicus scanning frigates, and I’ll be heading out to Low/Null sec (Little to no Police to punish players) where I can scan and explore to my hearts content, and feed the greedy little treasure goblin in my soul.

P.S. If you’re wondering, “PlexQuest” is a tip of the hat to the 1996 modification and release of Ultimate Doom called “Chex Quest”.

I’m going to try and keep these posts down to one per day rather than one per session of play… so if you see me still online and I’ve posted within a few hours, check back for updates like this one.

I managed to get all the way out to Nullsec (for security reasons and prying eyes I won’t say where.) without dying! I survived a gatecamp on the trip out, though I suspect it was merely because I wasn’t worth shooting at. I guess “newbros” are easy to spot.

Once I arrived at a station, I checked system activites plugged a new route into Dotlan to a place thought might be “safe” and took off! What is Dotlan? It’s a wonderful map tool. Gives stats on systems you’re travelling through. While my corpmates stressed that some statistics weren’t exact, but it certainly gives you a decent picture of what might potentially be happening in your path.

I managed to scan down four sites. Two Relic and Two Data. Out of those four sites, I only failed to hack two of the containers. (which explode, destroying their contents.) I came away with ~36 million worth of Loot, which I stopped to dump at a station before I logged off for the night.

Current ISK Values are:
~5 million liquid ISK
~36 million in loot.

A potential combined total of 41 Million ISK
Not too bad for my first day.

The only “Large” purchase I’ve made beyond getting my original Imicus’ fit (I fit 3 total…) was 2 million on a Mobile Depot by suggestion of a corp-mate so I can safely store my loot temporarily if I think I’m going to die.

Perhaps tomorrow brings a wormhole to explore… Nobody knows

*Magic wavy hands*

Again, this is The Master Blaster,

Signing out. o7

Published by: The Master Blaster

After managing to PLEX his account during the old 30 day Trial, The Master Blaster now spends his days getting involved with various shenanigans within video games, primarily Eve Online. PLEXing is the act of paying for your game time with In-game currency.


8 thoughts on “The Quest for Plex Begins”

  1. Nice start, though if you’re taking suggestions on site design, the black text on a dark gray background for comments makes them hard to read. (Harder in Chrome than Firefox for some reason.) Unless, of course, your motive was to suppress comments, which is something I could understand given the way things can go in EVE Online…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, I have to be honest: This is the first actual site I’ve worked with. I have almost zero knowledge of CSS (though I do have the ability to learn it.) and the editing tool for WP is pretty much garbage. I’m most definitely open to suggestions, or even technical assistance. lol


      1. I think you can tinker with the color scheme for a given theme in the customization option off of the admin page menu. However they have changed it up some since I last looked at it, so who knows.

        And yes, a regular tradition is to claim something is “new and wonderful” when it is garbage and lacks half the functionality of the old version. I complain about it in my monthly summary pretty regularly. I’ve been using for more than 9 years now, so know some ins and outs, but they keep making things worse… or I am a cranky old man… or both.

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      2. Yeah, It looks like the only way for me to change font text is through editing the CSS, the editor for which is only provided if you have WordPress Premium/Business… and since I’m cheap, I’m screwed. I’ll have to pick a new theme.


      3. I’m all for simplicity in themes. Twenty Ten, Twenty Twelve or, if you like a dark theme, Piano Black are all ones I have found okay. (I use Twenty Twelve on tagn and Piano Black on my EVE Online Pictures site.)


  2. Awesome start to your blogging and space captain career! Looking forward to reading your future posts, and thanks for the kind words 🙂 Very glad you joined us … it is always fun to help a new player along and watch them discover New Eden with fresh eyes and ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

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